Products: 2K Epoxy

BAR Barrierprime

Versatility and strong performance are the name of the game with BAR BarrierPrime. Designed for a variety of substrates, including metal, wood, masonry and fibreglass, this zinc phosphate containing, polymide cured epoxy primer delivers excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance. This has made it a popular choice in the mining sector, for road transport tankers and in areas dealing with raw and blasted steel.

Versatility also features in the application process where it’s designed for use in high productivity Wet-On-Wet mode. As well as very good film-build characteristics, it leaves a nice, smooth finish which requires absolutely no sanding before topcoating, thus saving labour and production time. It is still possible to denib or sand, if desired.

BAR BarrierPrime comes in four Australian Standard colours – BAR-Y45 Manilla, BAR-N35 Light Grey, BAR-N64 Dark Grey and BAR-N14 White and there is plenty of application flexibility. A choice of four reducers – normal (Normal), hot (Slow), very hot or larger jobs (Extra Slow) and extremely hot or larger jobs (Ultra Slow) – makes it easy to effectively deal with a wide range of application conditions or the size of the job.

EPO Epotec

A long-running reputation for versatility and strong, reliable performance has seen EPO Epotec Primer Surfacer become a market favourite for dealing with a vast range of substrates, from structural and new sheet steel, to aluminium, fibreglass, masonry, brick and concrete.

One key feature is the easy sand-ability of this epoxy primer surfacer – sanding dust comes away cleanly and does not clog the abrasive surface. As a result, this very versatile epoxy primer surfacer is widely used for hot rods, custom cars, prestige restorations, etc. where it’s perfect for protecting the bodywork during the build process. Once fully cured and sanded, it’s also fine to apply body filler over the top.

EPO Epotec Primer Surfacer is available in three Australian Standard colours (EPO-G55 Grey-Green, EPO-N61 Black and EPO-N14 White). A choice of three reducers – normal (Normal), hot (Slow) and very hot (Extra Slow) – make it easier to effectively deal with various application conditions or job sizes.

Paraglaze CT 2K HP Epoxy Primer

Perfect for heavy duty applications, such as commercial transport, agricultural equipment and the mining sector, PP-3450 Paraglaze CT 2K HP Epoxy Primer is a highly effective adhesion promoting primer with the option to be used in Wet-On-Wet (WOW) mode or as a traditional sand-able primer. When used in high productivity WOW mode, it can be topcoated after just 30 minutes with no need for time-consuming sanding.

Whichever mode it’s used in, PP-3450 Paraglaze CT 2K HP Epoxy Primer delivers outstanding durability and solvent, chemical and corrosion resistance when combined with 2K topcoat systems. It’s suitable for a wide range of substrates, including bare steel, aluminium, stainless steel, cast iron, galvanised steel and fibre reinforced plastic. Along with excellent flow, appearance and gloss holdout, PP-3450 Paraglaze CT 2K HP Epoxy Primer also offers good filling and sanding properties. For additional versatility there is an accelerated hardener option, as well as the choice of four different reducers to cater to different application conditions.

SLX Self-Levelling Epoxy Primer

For production efficiency, combined with an outstanding final finish, SLX Self-Levelling Epoxy Primer ticks absolutely all the boxes. Featuring a free-flowing, self-levelling formulation, this next generation primer produces a superb finish that requires no sanding whatsoever, thus saving valuable labour cost and production time.