Products: 1K Etch

EPS Etchpro Primer Surfacer

Commercial Performance Coatings EtchPro Primer Surfacer is a single pack, epoxy resin based etching primer with excellent adhesion to a large number of metal surfaces including mild steel, zinc plated steel, zincanneal, aluminium, chrome, galvanized iron, brass, copper, stainless steel, lead and alloys.     
It can be used as a low film build conventional etching primer or as a metal primer at higher film builds.                             

The EPS binder is formulated on the technology of the very well established EtchPro Primer. This provides the same primer performance with the added benefit of mixing in a wide range of colours utilizing the SELEMIX® System tinters.

PAR Paraloc

Developed and manufactured locally from high quality raw materials, this single-pack, chromate-free, epoxy-modified acid-etching primer has been formulated to deliver excellent adhesion. As well as being easy to use, PAR Paraloc was specially designed to provide an effective solution for the priming of new trailered aluminium boats on areas above the waterline but is also ideal for a variety of other associated general applications. 

As a result, it can be relied on for strong corrosion protection when applied over a large range of substrates, including non-ferrous and ferrous metals. Although it’s a non-sanding primer, it can be lightly de-nibbed if required. PAR Paraloc is available in beige or black and is designed to provide a solid foundation for 2-pack topcoats.

VIN Vinyl Etch

Thanks to its unique formulation, VIN Vinyl Etch Primer avoids the downside of conventional etch primers while delivering a highly sought-after combination of features and benefits. Available in light grey and black colours, it offers outstanding adhesion to all metal surfaces, including non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium, copper, zinc and stainless steel, and chrome plated steel.

Unlike conventional etch primers which can only be applied in extremely thin coats, VIN Vinyl Etch Primer has been designed for a higher film-build per coat. As a result, it can be applied like a normal primer where it can be relied on to deliver good film-build and gloss holdout. What’s more, this single pack, fast drying primer cures to a flat, smooth finish and can be used in high productivity Wet-On-Wet mode where it also delivers very good gloss holdout.