Simplicity. Consistency. Capability.

Locally developed, locally manufactured and designed for ease-of-use, Commercial Performance Coatings comprises a diverse product range that delivers exceptional versatility.

Starting with PPG’s proven and reliable global coatings technologies, the local development team has formulated an incredibly wide range of technically superior primers and topcoats. With such a vast selection to choose from, you will find a Commercial Performance Coatings product to meet virtually any requirement you might have.

  • Want to paint a particular substrate?
  • Want the job done more quickly and efficiently?
  • Want a premium, high-end finish?
  • Want to get the job done on a budget?
  • Want long-term durability in harsh environments?

Commercial Performance Coatings has a solution!

Commercial Performance Coatings products are available in a variety of technologies, including alkyd, acrylic, epoxy and urethane coatings and offer an effective solution for practically any application you can think of – from agricultural, mining and construction equipment, to trailers, business equipment, concrete floors, structural steel and much, much more.

Colour capability is outstanding across the range thanks to the world-class SELEMIX® tinting system. This makes it easy to choose the ideal product technology for the job and then mix it in exactly the right colour and gloss level.

Best of all, every product in the Commercial Performance Coatings line up is backed by the peace-of-mind of PPG’s extensive range of support services.