Why is PPG making all of these changes?

  • PPG’s LIC business has evolved over several decades and includes multiple acquisitions including Protec, Barrier and Ameron.
  • The result is that we have a very broad but complicated product offer. This complexity brings with it unnecessary cost for both PPG and its customers.
  • This complexity also makes the product range difficult to train therefore difficult to sell.
  • The launch of PPG Commercial Performance Coatings, in conjunction with the use of Selemix System, creates an opportunity to create a product offering that is both less complex and more capable in terms of colour and of technology.

What will happen to the 300 QD product line?

  • The 300 QD tinter range will be phased out, being replace by Rapid Dry Enamel, which is Selemix based. This will save space and reduce stock holding by distributors.
  • Large volume factory packs will continue, just with a label change (same code, same description).
  • Lower volume factory packs (less than 2,000 litres per year) will be converted to RDE Rapid Dry Enamel, mixed by the distributor or PPG Paint Powerhouse.

Is the same true for other lines?

  • Yes, the lower volume factory pack colours of 363 Automotive Enamel and 342 Spraying Enamel will both transition to the Performance Enamel Topcoat (PET) which can be mixed locally using Selemix tinters and the RDE Rapid Dry Enamel binders.
  • See the Conversion Chart brochure for the full list.

What colour tools will support Commercial Performance Coatings?

  • Colour fans to select RAL and Australian colours
  • A colour box consisting of 34 colour swatches arranged in colour order.
  • PPG PaintManager for colour formulation retrieval, which includes many features and functionalities including a job queue for connection to an electronic balance.
  • A new spectrophotometer is also part of the suite of colour tools. This will be available later in 2017.

Will Commercial Performance Coatings use colour groups for pricing?

  • Yes, there will be 3 price groups. Currently Selemix does not have price groups while the legacy LIC product lines have 4 groups. We believe that the change to 3 groups will add the flexibility that is required, while reducing complexity.

Will PAINTMANAGER® be updated with the new codes?

  • Yes, these updates will be available with the next PaintManager update. Please note: PaintManager will only be updated to include all the codes that utilise the SELEMIX® system. Legacy lines, such as 304-Equipment Enamel and 625-Polythane will still only be available via the Protec ColourBase software.

Can I order Commercial Performance Coatings products now?

  • Yes, the new products are in stock and available.
  • All new batches of Selemix tinters and of the existing LIC product lines (e.g. 304 and 625) carry the branding.

Why would this change be such an advantage to our industry?

  • Commercial performance coatings will allow you to make any colour in any gloss level from full gloss to matt finishes, giving complete confidence no matter what gloss level the Colours will always match each other.

Will the application and drying times differ between the old and the new with the introduction of Commercial Performance Coatings?

  • Application and drying times will be an improvement to the end user, with improved gloss levels and flow, drying times are similar to the old system with some products having faster drying times.

What is the best way for me to convert all my custom formulas?

  • When creating custom formula’s for Colours previously custom formulated on the old system, the best thing to do is to put the formulated colour against RAL or Australian standards, once you find one close you can make the formula then adjust to your customers colour, document all adjustments then if needed adjust the resin ratio, the formula will then be ready for next time.