Products: 1K Alkyd

ZPH Zinc Phosphate High Alkyd Solids Primer

This alkyd resin-based, high build, anti-corrosion primer from Commercial Performance Coatings. As well as featuring quick drying and excellent durability, it has been specifically designed to be used in high productivity ‘Wet-On-Wet’ mode. As a result, when overcoated within one hour in Wet-On-Wet mode, absolutely no sanding is required in order to achieve excellent topcoat adhesion and gloss holdout, thus saving significant labour cost and production time.

Not only is it fine to be overcoated with either a one-pack or a two-pack topcoat product, it has the added bonus of being tintable. By utilising the SELEMIX® universal tinter system, 1K Zinc Phosphate High Build Primer can easily be mixed in a colour which is sympathetic to the topcoat, thus providing an effective groundcoat that helps achieve quicker topcoat colour coverage, while also reducing topcoat material usage. In addition, the option of using a ‘normal’ or ‘slow’ reducer provides application flexibility when faced with higher application temperatures or for larger jobs.