Products: DTM Direct to Metal

1DM 1K Direct to Metal

Quick and effective to use, this robust single layer coating system has been formulated to deliver good adhesion when applied directly onto clean bare metal surfaces. As a result, it is an ideal choice for situations where the main focus is on convenience, combined with achieving a good appearance and basic corrosion protection. 
Featuring a fast drying time, 1K Direct To Metal has the added advantage of being straightforward and easy to use which makes it a great option for DIY projects, as well as for traditional industrial and commercial applications. In addition, the option of using a ‘normal’ or ‘slow’ reducer provides application flexibility when faced with higher application temperatures or for larger jobs.
What’s more, the colour range is outstanding – taking advantage of the SELEMIX® universal tinter system, 1K Direct To Metal can be mixed in almost 10,000 different colours, including AS2700 and RAL ranges, as well as different gloss levels. 

2DM 2K Direct to Metal

When strong durability, high productivity and excellent final appearance are key factors, 2K Direct To Metal has all the bases covered. Designed for application efficiency, this two-component polyurethane product contains robust anti-corrosive pigmentation properties and is formulated to provide strong adhesion when applied directly to clean, bare metal substrates, including steel, tinplate, iron and stainless steel (blasting recommended), as well as glass fibre reinforced plastics. In particular, it offers the ability to be applied at high film thicknesses (up to 160μm wet film) and produces a high gloss end finish. 
Colour is another market leading feature. By utilising the SELEMIX® universal tinter system, 2K Direct To Metal can be mixed in almost 10,000 different colours, including the AS2700 and RAL colour ranges, as well as a variety of gloss levels. There is plenty of application flexibility, too. As well as ‘Normal’ hardener, a ‘Fast’ hardener option gives operators an excellent solution for situations where fast drying is important. And, a choice of four reducers – cold (Fast), normal (Normal), hot (Slow) and very hot (Extra Slow) – makes it easy to effectively deal with a wide range of application conditions or for larger jobs.