Products: 2K Isocyanate-Free

ICF Isocyanate Free

This high quality two component topcoat from the Commercial Performance Coatings range and has been formulated without the use of isocyanate.
It is user-friendly and straightforward to apply over a variety of primers, previously painted surfaces and also glass, with the use of the glass additive hardener. It provides a great choice for a wide range of industrial applications and is particularly suitable for glass splashbacks.

Colour range is outstanding – taking advantage of the SELEMIX® universal tinter system, Isocyanate Free Topcoat can be mixed in almost 10,000 different colours, including AS2700 and RAL ranges, as well as a variety of different gloss levels. 

IGH 2K Isocyanate Free Hardener For Glass

Commercial Performance Coatings  ICF is an isocyanate free, fast drying acrylic two pack finish with good gloss retention and resistance to weathering.
Commercial Performance Coatings  ICF Glass Additive Hardener (IGH20) has been formulated with a special additive that improves the adhesion of the coating to glass surfaces.
Utilizing the SELEMIX® universal tinter system, Commercial Performance Coatings ICF Isocyanate Free Topcoat is available in a range of colours.