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Selemix Colour Picker


Compact, light and easy to use, the SELEMIX® Colour Picker is the quick and convenient new colour matching technology that fits in palm of your hand!

Where most electronic colour identification tools are large and bulky, the new Selemix Colour Picker is trim, taut and absolutely terrific! Despite its compact dimensions, this sophisticated yet affordable colour matching tool is ideal for reading the colour of virtually any object or surface. It then wireless links to a comprehensive database of Selemix colours that has been pre-loaded onto the SELEMIX App which is available to download (from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store) to your smart device.

The Selemix Colour Picker is capable of identifying solid colours on a broad range of materials and taking a scan could not be easier. After taking a moment to connect and calibrate the device, simply place it firmly against a clean, non-weathered area of colour and hit ‘Scan colour’. In an instant, the closest Selemix solid colour is identified and the details are conveniently displayed on your smart device (either iOS or Android) via a Bluetooth® connection to the SELEMIX App. The database contains around 3,500 colours which align with the Selemix Colour Box and each scanned colour can be stored for future reference. The Selemix Colour Picker is ultra-convenient to use virtually anywhere, at any time you like. Afterward, just slip it back into your pocket where it is ready to go again next time!

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